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Apr 2014

Message: Hello, I'v been an industrial electrician for 32 years and done instrumentation. I've got a homemade deal for the summer (copper piping under a  insulglass patio door) right now heating a 60 gallon tank, if i  buy a 30 tube unit, rack to put it on, 50 feet of tubing,  connectors,  crimper, heat exchanger, drill pump,  circulation controller. what else do i need in the primary circuit, eg. expansion tank, relief valve?   I want to preheat my hot water and run a water to air heater in the plenum of my furnace. my house is a one story ranch style, with bungalow roof 1200sq. ft.,  on coldest windy day in the winter it might drop 8 degrees Celsius.  My furnace is hi efficiancy 75.000 btu. Q. does your insulated tubing have both tubes in the same insulation with the wire or is it single tube and single conductor Q.does the rack screw or bolt directly through the asphalt shingles? Q. I live in southern Ontario (just south of Hamilton) what angle should it be? roof is (1 rise, 3 run) Q. what does it take  to add another 30 tubes to the system at a later date would it be in series or parallel with the first 30, and i"m thinking, if i 60 tubes don't heat my house, i might go to 90-120 tubes? Q. AM i correct, that the new yellow automotive antifreeze will work ? Q. how do i fill it, with glycol and water. with and without a drill pump/? I'd like to order, and get started , but this is all new to me, so a little help would be so appreciated.                   p.s.   did i forget anything?                                      Sincerely your Heikki

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Dear Alan   I only have limited funds as I'm on a fixed income. so I can't afford a solar heating packaged system. but plan to build it up as i save my money. I'm trying to keep my cost at an absolute minimum. and still get solar heat. i live in the country and have a 4500 gallon cistern i can dump excess heat into it  or my swimming pool.           So here"s my list,  I have access to several more 60gal hot water tanks (seems like everyone is switching from elect to gas).    need from you 30 tube solar collectors and roof rack 50' tubing, crimper and fittings 25 plate heat exchanger a Varem Solar expansion tank, the solar panel powered 12v pump universal differential temp solar controler - fittings and RTD's ( probes) for the controller and is there any kind of antifreeze, i can get locally (due to shipping weight) and a drill pump. (What kind of fitting does it hook into). I can manually bleed it, to get going. and what pressure is the system set at what temp. ( I'd guess the head pressure to lift coolant to the highest point) what would this total up to?                                                       thanks for your patients Heikki  

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Thanks Alan Will call you in the morning. I'll deposit the money in the morn, and then phone you.                                  thanks again for your help Heikki

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-22-2013


Hi Heikki, Thank-you for the order it is much appreciated . I spoke with Peter I had overcharged you for the SunRain Pump station sorry I apologize. Peter has adjusted the pricing from $375.00 to $275.00 and I understand the shipping depot has changed to Woodstock Ontario which is better for you. Please let me know how you make out with the installation of the solar equipment.  Thank-you Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-23-2013

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