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Feb 2014

Message: I have a forced air furnace that gets heat from a water heat exchanger.  The water comes from my oil hot water heater.  I have the circulating pump for that setup.  Would I be able to buy a 30 tube vacuum set to heat the water directly to go into my hot water tank?  Will it work on gravity feed or do I have to run the circulating pump continuously? Do you have to use the glycol solution?    I am looking to put the system together with what I have so I can use the oil as a backup until I can afford to purchase the hole system.  Will this work for me??  Thanks.  

Dated on : 01-24-2013


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Joey where are you located?  Do you get freezing conditions.  You could do what you are describing by using a heat exchanger on your water tank.  This requires two small pumps, one to circulate the solar loop and the other circulated the water in the hot water tank through the heat exchanger.  This assumes you have freezing conditions.  A solar control station should be used as this will control the pumps and turn on the solar system when it has positive heat energy to dump to the hot water tank.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-25-2013


How much is it to ship the SWH-1 Solar Hot Water Heating Package - DIY Solar Kits. to P0H1S0 Loring, Ontario?

Post By : Joey Dated On : 01-30-2013


We could ship FREE of charge to the nearest Depot.  Total cost is $5400, plus HST.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-09-2013

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