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I am inquiring about your DC thermal pump that works with the small PV panel.  Will this work with the 30 tube evacuated collector?  We are pumping up about 12' vertical to the roof, will this pump provide enough flow?  This will be a closed loop system. 

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On a closed solar loop system the vertical head does not apply as the gravitational pull down is equal to the resistance up.   Only on open loop solar systems is there a problem.  Yes this pump is ideal for one solar collector TZ58-1800 30R.  I would suggest a 25 Watt panel at a minimum for this pump


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Thanks.? I am thinking of running 2 of these pumps, one for the thermal loop and one for the tub loop.? Instead of the Resol controller I was thinking of using a ranco set point control 24V that turns the tub loop off when it reaches temperature.? do you recommend a different setup?? I can put in a 50 watt panel and run this to power both pumps.? Also, what is the shipping time if we place an order this week?? to San Francisco.?



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There is no replacement for a Resol controller as it handles all the solar differentials including a second heating zone and provides you with the best system control.  As and example your DC pumps would kick in 1st thing in the morning even though the hot tub is hot and the solar loop is cool, this may actually cause the hot tub heat exchanger to heat the solar loop.  The Resol would stop this from happening.

Yes we do that the pumps instock and it would be $24.05 to ship two to San Francisco.  Normal shipping time is 3-4 days.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 13-09-2011

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