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Jan 2014

Message: I live in Northern Minnesota, 75 mile south of the Canadian border. I have a garage with in-floor heating already installed. The floor is 5 inch concrete with 2 inch insulation below it. The garage dimensions are 36 wide by  56 long. I have 2 X 6 insulated walls with 12 inches of insulation on the ceiling. I would like a quote for equipment to maintain a temperature of 45 - 50 degrees F.   I can be contacted at 218-780-9236

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Dated on : 01-07-2013


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Thomas I would suggest using the solar collector directly to create a radiant solar heating loop.  I did a simulation and used 4 collectors, plus our pump station and this would give you the desired room temperature.  In the summer month you may have to cover the collectors.  A System like this would cost around $6500 and you would be entitled to a 30% tax credit.  If you are interested I can prepare a detailed quote for you?  Attached is a diagram of the temperatures with 4 collectors.      

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Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-07-2013


Yes, I would like a detailed quote. Do you also have information on how I would go about the tax credit? I have a twelve foot high ceiling, would this quote include enough supply lines? What are the power requirements? Is there any way of estimating energy use for a month?   Can't think of any more questions at this time but I am sure I will have more.   Regards, Tom

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Post By : Thomas Ojanen Dated On : 01-08-2013


Tom, you would apply for the federal tax credit with your income tax.  There are also a few other utility rebates depending on who your provider is.  Here is a link for MN   The quote includes 100 feet of lines which should be plenty.  I have attached a graph form our simulation that shows the estimated energy use.  I will send you a quote shortly.  You would need to provide the manifold for your heating system to connect to the PEX piping.   Dan  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-08-2013


Tom the total cost would be $8600 for SWH-4 package with out the storage tank, before any tax credits.  The storage tank is an additional $2400 and would assist with regulating the temperature.  It also has a 4.5 Kw element that can be used in lieu of a boiler.  however since you are not concerned about the temperature I would suggest just dumping the heat into the concrete mass as I originally suggested.  I will also include up to 10 gallons of extra hating fluid for the in-floor heat loop which is normally not supplied.  If purchased before Jan 31, 2013, we will prepay the freight to the nearest depot.   Here is what is included:   4 x SunRain TZ-58 1800 30R Vacuum tube collector with roof mount kit PAW FlowCon C+ Wilo pump station with integrated RESOL digital controller for two heating zones 100' of Aurora Solar Flex 3/4" OD stainless steel piping, pre insulated and weather proof with sensor wire all quick connect Aurora Flex Fittings for fast installation (no soldering) pre-mixed ProSol LH-T high temp (475F) solar heating fluid for vacuum tube collectors PLUS 10 gallons for the in floor loop positive displacement drill pump for filling and servicing 60 liter (15.8g) High Temp Solar Varem Expansion tank - Specifically designed for solar heating Spirotech AutoClose Solar Air Vent - World's only solar Auto Air Vent! complete solar installation manual and free technical support  Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 01-08-2013

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