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Jan 2014

Message: Good morning;        I am interested in solar evacuated tubes, can  I purchase just the tubes from you? Thanks Frank

Dated on : 11-26-2012



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Good Morning Frank, We usually sell the solar vacuum tubes, collector header and frame together as a kit that is how we purchase them from our supplier. Question is how many vacuum tubes are you wanting to purchase and ship to where? Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected] www.nlsolarheating.com www.solartubs.com    

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 11-26-2012


Alan;      34 Tubes, 4 acting as spares. I want to use them in conjunction with compound parabolic concentrates. This would probably increase their efficiency somewhere between forty and sixty percent. I intend to heat a 24,000 gallon pool just north of Tampa Florida. I estimated your tube length is around 72 inches.Thanks Frank 

Post By : Frank Raykovitz Dated On : 11-26-2012


Frank,        The tubes are $30.00 each and the 4 extra glass tubes are $15.00 each. We would have ship the package in a complete enclosed wooden crate your Cost $100.00 plus shipping costs Please provide us with a zip code and address for shipping we will get a firm shipping quote. Thank-you Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 11-29-2012

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