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Oct 2013

Message: I contacted your company about a year ago when we were first thinking of building a house.  We have since built the house, well at least about 8 weeks from finishing. Although I wasn't sure we could afford your panels initially, we did build for them, installing the under slab tubing all run to a wall into the Utility Room.  We have 3 separate zones run to that central location. I am considering purchasing a single vacuum tube solar heating package that will supplement our existing geo-thermal system. The intent is not to heat the entire house as much as it is to keep the floor warm.  Does your "complete system" include a diaphram that will control the amount of heat that goes to the various zones?  Are there any other pieces that need to be purchased in addition to your system to make it fully functional? Thanks for your help. Tom

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Good Morning Tom, If you live in the US I would suggest you connect to the domestic hot water eligible for 30% direct tax credit. In floor  heating system is the most efficient method of  converting energy into heat. What size is your home you may need a slightly larger system that you can expand as you go along once you physically see the energy saving. Question how  were you going to provide heat to the underslab tubing with the existing geothermal system? We know from past experience that one single 30 solar kit system connected to the geothermal return line produce very good results see information below from Dealer in Hearst Ontario. As far as supplying heat to various zones this can be done by using a 3 way belmino .zone valve and maybe a universal  zone control.

This is information from our dealer Larry Gabel from Hearst Ontario on project  where he tied in a Solar system  to the  Geothermal.   As per the energy gain , for a garage of 2000 square feet , we raised the incoming water temp on this install by 3 degrees Celsius ( 37.4F) with one 30 tube system. The customer has a 2.5 ton heat pump.  Feel free to talk directly with Larry about the installation.    Larry Gabel Electric Hearst, Ontario Canada 705-372-5827  Tom there is lots of options available to help assist with your total energy requirements.

Thank-you Alan Anderson

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 07-29-2012

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