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Nov 2014

Message: I'm looking to replace my current pool solar system and am looking to price out a new system. Any suggestions based on my attached document would be helpful. Rob Steele 818 396 6277

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Dated on : 09-26-2013


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  Thanks for your information.  I would definitely suggest the SPH-5 solar pool heating package for the maximum performance of this system.  This is a complete kit that includes everything you will need.  The high performance vacuum tube collectors have a life of 20 plus years.  Because our system is a closed loop and has a heat exchanger to transfer the energy, there is no chlorine in the system to de-grade the collectors.  Also with a closed loop system there is no requirement for your pump to move the water through the coils.  Instead a small 40 watt circulation pump is used.  This is often overlooked as the added head pressure on a plastic solar loop can double the operating cost of your pool pump and lead to early failure as it has to work that much harder.   Currently we are offering a free shipping promotion on orders placed before the end of the month.   Thanks Dan Jung    

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 09-26-2013

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