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Nov 2013

Message: Hi I'm designing solar system and: I need the dimensions of the Coil in single coil tank (200L) my you send my information or software that calculate coils?   thank you. Morteza Sarbaz AryaSanatSanabad.

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Dated on : 11-14-2012


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It is 7.8 square feet of surface area 1" piping.  Heat exchangers are based on surface area so this should help you with any calculations you need.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-14-2012


Dear, "Dan"thank you for update,My design target of vertical single coil tank is that natural convection and good plume confirms.Based above mentions, and 200L tank with 460mm Dimeter, what is bending radius and diameter of solar coil? is there an excel datasheet about This?Morteza

Post By : Morteza Sarbaz Dated On : 11-14-2012


We don't sell these internal tank heat exchangers only the complete solar water tank with the heat exchanger, so I am unable to provide you specifics other than our tanks work very well. Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-14-2012

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