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Nov 2013

Message: Hello, I need to buy a solar differential controller for my solar hot water system.  My system is a fairly standard set up. One controller with two thermal sensors, one on the collector and one on the tank. The controller needs to power two pumps. One pump circulates propylene glycol through one collector and the heat exchanger. One pump circulates potable hot water through the heat exchanger and the hot water tank. Both pumps are Taco 115 volt pumps. It looked like your controllers had either 1 out put or numerous out puts and I wasn't sure which would be the right one to purchase for a standard domestic solar hot water system using propylene glycol to heat potable hot water through a heat exchanger.  Could you please make a recommendation? I would like to purchase a controller as soon as possible.

Dated on : 11-17-2012


Replies :

You need the Resol BS + as you will need two relays one for each pump. Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 11-17-2012


Mark, As per Dan,s comments you will need the BS+ Advanced solar zone controller with four input sensors and two external pump/switch relays your price is $605.00 taxes and UPS shipping costs are extra. Suggest you go to our website go to solar controllers page and read the  REsol BS+   information. Product is in stock available for immediate delivery. Please contact our office. Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected]      Thank-you

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 11-18-2012

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