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Nov 2012


Do you have pricing setup for the packages that you describe on your website. I am looking at the SWH-1, plus heating for 1500sf? I currently have electric water heater. Can that be used for storage tank alone?



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Hi Biff, Yes we have pricing set up for all our solar packages on our website. Example Website pricing for  SWH- 1 is $5400.00 US Funds fo a complete solar system that is set-up to provide domestic hot water needs for 4 persons. In your case we would suggest a  SWH- 2 complete solar kit with 2nd heat loop for force air or boiler application. That proposed cost for that system would be $7850.00 for the solar kit and 950.00 for 2nd heating loop for either force air or boiler application.  Your existing domestic hot water tank can be used as the storage tank alone you would require a heat exchanger if you went this way. This would eliminate the a 80 gal solar tank tank  from our SWH -2 package  reduces the costs by $2000.00. Please  note without  additional storage capacity the solar will not be as effective. If you can send me your appox. location I can provide with a simulation report on what solar can provide to your energy needs.

Thanks Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 06-11-2011



Alan, I have attached a site plan of my

existing house. I built my house in 2009 and always had plans for as least

solar water heater, with dreams of off grid situation. So, I beefed up rafters,

placed water heater area centrally in attic and such. The SE roof surface

(back) is about 650sf and SW roof surface (side) is about 670sf, so plenty of

space for panels. Site plan includes long/lat and North. Trees in back yards

are plentiful but not tall at this point…about 25’ - 30’. House

plate height is 9’ with roof peak is 26’.

 There are 2 adults in house with occasionally



 Post By : Biff Hobson Dated On : 16-11-2011



Hi Biff,

I did not receive your house plans in the ticket  however based on the information you have provided I still feel you require our SWH- 2 complete solar kit with 2nd heat loop for either boiler or force air furnace. Based on the fact your home is fairly new (2009) and energy efficient  and there are only two people in the home  I know our solar system would provide you with energy in the area of 80 to 90% of domestic hot water and 20 to 30% of your heating  requirement. How do you heat your home now--- example force air furnace or radiant ( Hydronics)?

It appears you have lots roof area  in either south east or south west line for minimum of two collector per each area if so desired.   We have adjustable roof frame kits for the collectors  that allow you to achieve the best  energy results for the winter season. Trees in the summer time help block some of the sunlight  and light transmission to prevent the solar system from running hotter and in the winter because of the collector angle you will get  more efficiency. my direct e-mail is [email protected] Thanks Alan


Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 16-11-2011


Oppps, I thought I attached site plan.


I have a Trane XL20i Heat Pump forced air





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