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Oct 2013

Message: Hi,   I would like information on the best system design for our house given our context and a quote.   1- We live in Dorval, on the island of Montreal in Quebec.   2- We are 4 people in our house. That being said we are a large family and we often have 18 people for supper and a family of 4 staying over. A 40 gallon water tank should be enough. Ours now is a 60 gallon but need to be change.   3- We live in an old (1930s) cottage with 1000sf at the first level and 675sf on the second floor. We are renovating the house and  we will be changing our 21 year oil furnace for probably a heat pump combine with an electrical furnace. Our system is a force air one. We do not have a pool but we will install a 10'x20' greenhouse that we would like to use all year and heat it with a radiant floor using (in part) the solar energy of the system. The glass of the greenhouse will be double glaze.   What kind of system would you suggest for us?   Thanks for getting back to me,   Pierre Pierre Legault 277 Lilas Dorval, Qc

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Hi Pierre, I would recommend our SWH-3 complete solar heating kit with 2nd heat loop for force air furnace to assist your domestic hot water requirement and home heating. The solar kit would come with 119 gallon solar tank with dual internal heat exchangers and 4.5 kW electric element to assist when solar energy is not available. Solar system works very well with heat pump we are able to increase the return fluid by 3 degrees Celsius with a 30 tube solar kit. The radiant in floor system in the 10x20 green house will ensure the solar system will use the energy produced in the summer months. What temperature range do you want to maintain for your green house year around?  Website pricing is $9375.00 for SWH-3 solar kit and $1100.00 for 2nd heat loop for force air furnace. Taxes are extra. We would prepay the shipping costs to major freight depot in Montreal area. You had originally sent a request to office I forward your information to our Dealer in the Montreal area he was to contact you. His Name is Martin Lambert Les Entreprises ecol Solaris Inc. 1-514-909-4922  If you need any more information please let me know. We have websites you can view for more information www.solartubs,com and 

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Hi Alan,Thank you for the email. I have a few questions1- Solar system works very well with heat pump we are able to increase the return fluid by 3 degrees Celsius with a 30 tube solar kit. Do you have the specific drawing on how to connect the solar system to the heat pump so I can discuss it with the installers of my new heating system?2- Does the system work well with any kind of heat pump? Does it work better with certain kind?3-  What do you mean by " The radiant in floor system in the 10x20 green house will ensure the solar system will use the energy produced in the summer months. "? Why only summer months, my old solar collector works all year round even though of course it generate less heat in the winter?4- I understand that vacuum tubes generate lots of heat (more than conventional collectors). How will the temperature be controlled in the radiant floor to avoid overheating the floor and the greenhouse?5- It will be a double glaze greenhouse so at this point I am thinking of a minimum temperature of 15 Celsius at night but I have to figure out the cost of heating in the coldest months to make sure that it is acceptable. Do you know how  much of the heating is typically supply by this system in similar situations (with a heat pump and a radiant floor)?6- What is the delivery time for the system once it is ordered?Thanks for getting back to me.PierrePierre Legault Post By : Pierre Legault Dated On : 08-07-2012


Pierre. The solar kit will work with most heat pumps where we have been successful  is connecting hot solar line to return line from geothermal heat pump system.  The solar kit will produce energy year around  because you have the green house it will allow you to use the excess energy produced in the summer months. Floor temperature will be controlled by sensors from the Resol controller provided with the kit. you may need a universal  temperature controller. I will do up a solar simulation in the next few days for more detail. Vacuum tubes do produce lots of heat the proposed simulation design allow for  minimal stagnation. What is the minimum & maximum  temperature setting you want to maintain in the  the greenhouse year around.  Our proposed solar tank has a 4.5 kW electric element the will allow you to maintain consistent temperature if required when solar energy is not available. Delivery time is 12 working  from date the order is placed into our system. Thank-you Alan   

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 08-07-2012

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