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May 2013


This is inside my unheated greenhouse. I have a 100 gallon insulated heated tank(bottom). I grow tomatoes right above the tanks in the white barrels. Tanks are heated by 3 aquarium heaters. They can heat the tank to 70 F but at night if the greenhouse drops to below zero 32 F.. Water will cool to about 60 F. I would like  a small solar water heater to see what temperatures I can keep the water at. On a nice day (when the sun is out) the greenhouse gets above 80 F for several hours. If this works I have a larger commercial greenhouse available.

Dated on : 03-03-2012


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Hi James, You should consider one of our SWH-1 complete solar kits with our 50 gallon solar tank with single heat exchanger and 4.5 kW electric element. This system would be connected to your existing 100 gallon tank and with one collector this would provide you with solar energy when the sun or daylight is available and give you lots of storage capacity. Depended on the amount of heat loss you may have enough solar storage capacity to maintain temperature at night time requires circulating pump. On cloudy days or at night time the 4.5 kW electric element would maintain your  required temperature. If you require more information please contact me by e-mail or telephone directly  from information below.


Alan Anderson

Northern Lights Solar Solutions

#20 305 McKay Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5

1-800-317-9054 ext. 226

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