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Nov 2013

Message: I am interested in your 119 Gallon solar storage tank with double heat exchangers.  Do you have a Canadian distributor, or will you ship to Canada?  My location is Regina, SK., and I  would like a quote including shipping for supply of the 119 gal tank.   Thanks and Regards;   Mike O'Krancy

Dated on : 10-04-2012


Replies :

Mike, We are the Canadian distributor and we are located in Winnipeg,MB we have the product in stock. Website pricing  for 119 gallon dual  internal heat exchanger with 4.5 kW electric element is $2400.00 plus taxes. Estimate  freight at $80.00 to major freight depot in Regina you would be responsible to pick-up the solar tank from depot. If you want to purchase the tank please call me at the number below. Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected]

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 10-04-2012

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