Solar Hot water panels for in-floor heatby Admin
Nov 2013

Message: Hi. I was just wondering if the hot water panels still work in -40 Celcius? How many panels would I need to heat a 2500 square feet shop in-floor heat? Thanks

Dated on : 10-20-2012


Replies :

Hi Paul, Yes our solar vacuum tubes are very efficient in the colder climates. We are located in Winnipeg ,Manitoba Canada and have many installation in that area and exposed to -40C. Solar works very well with radiant in floor heat you use the floor as a storage collector. How do you heat the area now? Where are you located? What is the  ceiling height? I would think you are going to need at least a SWH-4 complete solar kit to assist your existing heating system. If you send me some information by e-mail I could provide you with a solar simulation report along with some costs for you to review. I you require further information please refer to these two websites or for  pricing and technical information on all our solar packages and products we offer. Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected]

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 10-22-2012


Hi Paul, I sent estimate to your e-mail address on Oct 22,2012 based on the information you provided to us. Thanks Alan  

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 10-23-2012

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