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Oct 2012


I live on 5 acres in North Augusta (100 kms from Ottawa) and I would like to place the system about 200' from the house (less shading and aesthetics). I have a 20 kW forced air electric furnace (expensive). Will a thermal solar help offset my heating costs? Is the distance from the house a big problem? Will the system pay for itself? Is there a local distributor? What type of terms is there for a distributor? If I have a large installation, would it be a viable idea to remove some tubes for the summer months?

Dated on : 25-08-2011


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David the distance will not be a problem.  The piping is insulated with 3/4" EPDM high temp foam and retains its heat very well.  We have lots of installations similar to what you describe.  The system can be integrated directly into your furnace or used in conjunction with a  domestic hot water heating system.  This will provide you with the highest payback as you can use part of the heat in the summer month for the hot water.


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