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Apr 2014

Message: Hi, I would like to install a solar tube heater for my pool. I have a saltwater pool. Which components do I need in order to have the saltwater flowing thru the heater? I live in SW Florida. Thanks, Gerry

Dated on : 03-17-2013

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 Hi Gerry, For salt water pools we recommend our Titanium pool heat exchanger. Estimated UPS charges is $50.00 US  delivered to your home address    SOL-SP155K- Solar Pool Heat Exchanger Titanium   $495.00 US Dollars for 13,300 gallon capacity pool   SOL-SP300K- Solar Pool Heat Exchanger Titanium  $720.00 US Dollars for 25,800 gallon capacity pool.   Lets know if you would like to place a order. Alan Anderson

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Hi,How can I stop the heating process if the pool is warm enough? I mean the tubes will be hot as long the sun will shine on it.GerryOn Mar 18, 2013, at 1:18 PM,

Post By : Gerry Dated On : 03-31-2013


Hi Gerry, How do you heat your pool now with a solar kit or some type of boiler? I do not quite understand your question in most pool application that does not occur.  Thanks Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-01-2013


Hi Gerry, Please send me the dimension  and depth of your pool? Do you have a pool cover (thermal blanket)? If so how many hours day is the pool cover off the pool for swimming? Is your  pool  season 12 months of the year. It sounds like you want a solar kit to assist or eliminate your present electric pool heater is that correct?   I would suggest you go to this website for more technical information on our collectors. Please let me

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Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-02-2013


Hi,We don’t use a blanket. Here are the measurements:25x10 ft, average depth is 4ft.In the moment we use it spring to fall but we like to use the pool in the winter too. We have a lot of sunny days here in Florida so we came up with the idea of solar tubes to heat during the winter and as addition for the summer. In spring and fall we have to use the electric heater. What system would you recommend? What parts? How much would that cost? Gerry

Post By : Gerry Dated On : 04-02-2013

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