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Feb 2014

Message: Hi there, I have an older solar heating system and it had a small leak.  I need more solar heating fluid and see that you have this on your website.  Can you tell me what the mix of glycol to water is.  We live in Michigan and it gets cold so I need to know if the solar heating fluid will with stand our winters.   Thanks P

Dated on : 02-22-2013


Replies :

    Pierce, the mixture is a 45/55 glycol to water ratio.  Our ProSol LH-T is specially designed for all solar thermal heating systems and used de mineralized water so there is no chance of scaling.   This is good to minus 35 and should be perfect for Michigan winters.  We use this in all our solar home heating system as it is completely vaporizable meaning it can with stand stagnation with out breaking down and needing to be replaced.       Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 02-22-2013


Thanks Dan I see that the solar glycol is on sale, so I will buy it today.  It is great to see you have so many solar heating parts as there is no one locally that stocks anything.  Have a great weekend!   P

Post By : Pierce Burton Dated On : 02-22-2013

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