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I  require a heat exchanger for hot tub applications here in Ireland. Please advise me what you have available in solar and Boiler systems.


John Leddin

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Dated on : 21-08-2011


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John we have hot tub Heat exchangers that are able to do up to 150,000 BTU hr of heat transfer.  These come in either stainless steel or Titanium for longer life.  

Shipping to Ireland would be approx $125.


Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 23-08-2011




Hello Dan,

Thank you for your reply and information. I would like to order a stainless steel heat exchanger for a hot tub application which will work with my home heating Boiler. Please advise me the installation process.



Post By : John Leddin Dated On : 25-08-2011




John the heat exchanger attaches inline to your hot tub before the heater (if you are using one).   The connection is 1.5" Female pipe tread.   The key to using a heat exchanger is when to cycle the heating medium (solar fluid, boiler fluid etc.) through the heat exchanger to raise the water temperature of the hot tub.  This can be done by using a pump or a diverter valve on your heating circuit. 

One easy way to control this is by using the spa pack in its normal way and disconnecting the heater element and using this to power on off the pump or valve.  When the spa pack wants heat it energizes the wires to the heater element that instead power on/off the 2nd heating loop to the heat exchanger.

You can order this on line or give us a call at 1 800 317 9054 ext 223.



Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 26-08-2011

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