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Jul 2014

Message:Are the solar insulated pipe and fittings available in Australia.  Can you email me a product list with prices.  Also what discounts do you offer for bulk orders. Can you also supply more detailed warranty information

Dated on : 06-10-2013

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Hi Michael, Solar insulated pipe and fittings are not  sold presently in Australia. Please refer to our Website page or for all pricing,technical and warranty information on our aurora flex pipe and fittings. Yes discounts could be available for bulk size orders we would need to know the quantity you are considering buying. The flex pipe is a DN20 ---- 5/8" ID 3/4" OD insulated with sensor wire. Our packaged aurora flex pipe contains  2- 50 ft  ( 15.24 meters each)  insulated with a high quality synthetic elastomer ( EPDM based) with a complete closed -cell structure with a water proof polyolefin copolymer PE foil.  Custom lengths are  available Our warranty policy is simple; we offer a 3 year warranty on everything we sell and 10 years on our collectors. Thank-you Alan Anderson

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 06-10-2013

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