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May 2013

Message: Wondering what type of system that I can heat the pool in the summer and use it for home heat in the winter


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Randy Yes our solar system can assist both your energy requirements.  Require more information required square footage of your house do you want to hook into the domestic hot water? Where are you located ? What size is your pool do you have a pool cover or pool heater?  Thanks Alan



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The pool we have is 21x13x4. We have a old house with an addition that I was thinking of having a heat exchanger under the floor on a thermostat because in the winter the floor is cool in that part. It is a crawl space with access to the basement so if it produced enough heat i could plumb it to other parts of the house. Right now I am investigating thinking I want to do something pretty quick without breaking the bank. I know we would have to get a system big enough to get the available tax credits not sure how big is big enough and can you do the install yourself or do you have to have it installed. We have ground source heat pump that we use to preheat our water system so this system would be?only for pool heat and home heat in the winter.


 Any input helps Thanks You Randy

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Randy, I need square footage of your home to recommend a certain size of solar system and  also and what type of heating system do you have now.  How do you heat your home by electric force air furnace, radiant heat , natural gas,oil or electric ? Where are you located?

Thanks Alan

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Our home is about 2800 sq ft including basement. Old part of house was built 1918 and gutted and insulated with new windows and a addition put on. The addition is about 500 sq ft and has a crawl space under it. Always seems to be cooler because of the floor. was thinking of using heat exchanger in crawl space which is vented to basement to give it the radiant heat feel.  We use a ground source heat pump to heat and cool our home thru forced air. I am not really looking for a system to heat my home because the ground source is very efficient but if I am going to heat swimming pool thought I could use the panels to assist in heating the house or garage that is attached. The glass tubes that you use how do they hold up to hail and such things because I think we usually have some sort of hail storm come thru each year. We are located 1670 86th Ave SE Willmar MN 56201.

Thanks Randy

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Randy what size is your pool? When do you open and close it for pool season what are the hours per day open and do you have a pool cover? What pool temperature do you desire?  Basically you want to  only heat up the crawl space area of 500 sq ft or the hold house if possible. Reason I am asking  is  we have a dealer in Northern Ontario who installed a one of our solar systems on a 2000 sq ft. garage and tried the solar into the geothermal system.  The energy gain raised the incoming water temperature on this install by 3 degrees celsius ( 37.4 F) with one 30 tube solar collector . I would also suggest you consider trying into your domestic hot system because there is 30 % direct tax credit  only if you due that part of the install.  

Please call me if need more information Alan Anderson  1-800-317-9054 ext. 226

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 10-04-2012

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