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Nov 2012


I am building  (owner / contractor) a new home with geothermal and solar hot water system.

I would like someone to contact me reference the SWH-5 package system, I am wanting to use it for hot water, under floor heating in the garage floor and supplemental heating with coils in  the forced air geothermal furnace in the return air ducting.


I have questions if this system can heat what I need,   I understand that it has capability of two external heating needs along with the normal house hot water.    My plan is to use another standard 80 gal hot water heater in series (for capacity) with the 119 gal tank supplied with a circulating pump which will also circulate hot water throughout the house and return to the normal hot water tank so I can maintain constant hot water to the other end of the 60 ft. house where the bathrooms are.

I am interested in purchasing this system within the next 3 weeks.

Dated on : 03-11-2011


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Hi James,

As per your request this can all be done and 80 gallon along with 119 gal storage tank will certainly capacity you need for storage. You would  require our 2nd heat loop  package  for boiler along with one more belimo valve and  two of  universal solar differential temperature controller. This would allow control both you Geothermal and in heating in the garage ( Note I would assume the the garage temperature is lower?) Heating domestic hot water and having capacity with the two tanks will not be a problem. (How many people in the house?)   The 60 ft  from hot water to bathrooms  not a issue as long you have a circulation pump  (example our Laing E5 AC 110 volt pump) that can hook -up in line with your existing normal tank.

Please provide me with your phone number and convenient time to call you for further discussion.

Thanks Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-11-2011

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