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Jan 2014

Message: Hello,   I am considering investing in a hot water solar collector for my house in eastern New-Brunswick, Canada. I have been visiting your site for a few years now, and I was thinking you may be able to help me out with my solar project. The system would provide energy to my potable hot water AND hydronic infloor heating (pex pipes already in new concrete slab). The solar hydronic supplement would work alongside a wood fired boiler. The system would allow provisions for additional collectors for a near-future hot tub. As my starting point, I would need info, if you have any, on an indoor wood stove that would be installed in the living room with the capability of providing serious water heating, as this would be the main heating source of this system during cloudy winter days. I have come across decent looking wood boilers, but they're all from Europe. The Pacific Energy stove (Super 27) with the water coil option is the only one I've come across here in Canada so far, but I am concerned over its limited heat transfer capability. To top it up, the house has 800 sqft divided on two stories. The hydronic is on the first floor, and the wood stove is currently in the living room which is upstairs...! I don't want to overheat the living room while trying to get a little heat transfer to the water (glycol). The house is very well insulated, and passive solar principles have been applied with great success (we don't heat the house if it's sunny, even at minus 20 deg cel).   Any suggestions from your side would be greatly appreciated. As a note, my research into north american wood boilers has so far resulted in outdoor polluting rigs, and terrible looking indoor furnaces. Quite discouraging for me, and I must resolve this issue before going to the solar aspect of my setup, which I have been looking fwd to for a few years now.   Thanks in advance for your assistance,   Yves Martin 519 route 505 Sainte-Anne-de-Kent, NB, Canada Offgrid since 2006 PV installed: 690W

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Hi Yves, Yes we can certainly help you out with your domestic hot water requirements and in floor heating application with one of our solar packages. Our solar system are designed to integrate with any other type of heating applications for boiler, hot tub etc. We do have a couple of installation in Colorado that were designed using our solar package as the source of heating for off grid installation see our website www.solartubs.com. go to images.   Sorry we can help you with your wood stove do not have a opinion. Thank-you   Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected] www.nlsolarheating.com www.solartubs.com 

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