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Mar 2014

Message: Hi there,  I have an older solar hot water heating system and am looking to expand to it and heat my garage.   We have a small 5 Kw boiler that currently heats the space in the winter.  I want to divert the solar heater in the winter so that it goes to the garage 1st then to the water storage tank.  My question is, can I use you solar plate heat exchanger with my boiler and tie one end to the return of the boiler and the other to the solar loop.  If so what size would you recommend?   Terry Ried

Dated on : 03-14-2013


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Terry yes you definitely have the right idea.  Adding a plate heat exchanger to the cold return side of your boiler will help you save money in your heating costs.  The solar will then increase the temperature of the boiler loop through the plate heat exchanger which means the boiler has to work less to reheat the boiler water.   A plate heat exchanger for solar heating comes in many different sizes an we carry either a 25 plate or a 50 plate heat exchanger.  For you application of solar space heating I would recommend the 25 plate solar heat exchanger.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 03-14-2013


Thanks Dan,  I really like your solar heating packages.  I just wish I had found you 10 years ago when I installed my system as you have certainly made it a lot easier.   I particularly like your stainless steel solar piping it certain would make installing a solar heating system much quicker!   Have a great day!

Post By : Terry Ried Dated On : 03-14-2013

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