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Apr 2014

Message: HI guys! I have a client that is building a cottage on west side of Georgian Bay (north or Owen Sound). electric and propane are the available source of engergy... plus sun currently considering main floor with in floor hydronic heat.  and forced air on main floor and 2nd floor heat source considering = a pellet boiler plus solar thermal plus propane backup the basement / utility area has reduced head room... right now looking at 6 feet clear head room (slab to underside of floor joist) the SolarStor 80 SDCE is 64" tall plus fitting the 119SDCE is 65" tall.... these show anode rod on the top... do these need if replacement is required how much head room do you need to service these tanks       I'm thinking 2 or 3 tanks with 5 roof panels  (in the summer solar blocking blanket will need to be place on 3 of the 5 panels) looking to get size for solar heating of hydronic and domestic water... with pellet boiler first line of backup and propane after that..... what kind of temps can you get solar storage tank too??? ie how many BTUs can we store?   Thanks for any info you can provide.... This cottage is scheduled for construction this summer.... I'm just working out the final details in the how much head room do we need in the basement. Note I've sent the client links to your website so they can educate themselves a bit more about the systems and possible pricing     Steve McKerroll Architect.          

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Hi Steve, Yes the anode rod may need replacement it depends on your present water quality. See information below The 119 and 80 gallon versions use a ¾” x 40 inch anodes (two in each tank). This comes in two options Part number 15040 is a solid anode and what we use when manufactured Part number 15030 is a linked versi to around 180 F each 30 tube collector can produce 7500  Btu per hour refer to SRCC certification report attached. How many square feet in the cottage and how many people to determine domestic hot water requirements then i will produce a solar simulation report for you. I would suggest our SWH-4 complete solar kit with 2nd heat loop for propane boiler. This unit would come with a 119 gallon storage tank with dual heat exchangers and 4.5 kWh electric element.  Website pricing is $12,418.00 Canadian Dollars taxes are extra. We will prepay the shipping costs to nearest major freight depot in Own Sound. You will responsible for deliver costs to final delivery destination.

Thank-you Alan Anderson

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