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Apr 2014

Message: I am interested in your complete systems for solar home heating. I live in Iowa. I  work with a solar power installer who wold like me to include solar heating to his power systems.I am a master plumber.I would like to work with you. Could you please send me information on complete systems for bidding purposes. Do you have distributor in Iowa? are you interested?

Dated on : 04-17-2013

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Hi Steve, No we do not have a Northern Lights Solar Solutions dealer in in the Iowa area but we are interest having someone offer our solar products. Please refer to these two websites and for pricing and technical information on all our solar packages and product lines available.  We have a 2013 Dealer program available I have attached a copy for your review.Please call me at your convenience at 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226. Thank-you Alan Anderson

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Dear Alan, I am replying to  you in regards to your system. My associate Tim Kruse will contact you also. He has several clients interested in solar heat. We are ready to give estimates to customers and get this ball rolling                                                               Thank you Steve brown

Post By : steve brown Dated On : 04-23-2013


Steve & Tim, Please have Tim call me so I can discuss his requirements and yes we are ready to work with both of you. Thanks Alan Anderson

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 04-23-2013

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