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Nov 2013

Message: I am interested in supplemental heat for my home in Novato Ca during the fall and winter months.  Can you recommend a package to include a collection system of panels, a holding tank for the hot water and a large radiator for the center of my home?  I am not interested in domestic hot water nor am I willing to dig up my floors for in-floor heating but a Runtal type of radiator in my central hall/stairway would certainly help in November, January and February.   Thanks,   David

Dated on : 10-03-2012


Replies :

How large is the home?  What is your current heating method?  Is there a reason you would not want domestic hot water as well given this heat will be abundant in the summer with no demand?  How water is ideal as the savings from your investment can be used all year around?     Here you will find more information on solar radiant heating  Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 10-03-2012

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