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Nov 2013

Message: Do you offer complete water and solar space heating system with a heat exchanger to be added into the air duct of an air heating furnace? Do you offer installation? Is it realistic with two solar panels to provide 100% water and 40% space heating in winter? What is? If one is away and does not consume hot water - is the system safe or requires heat dump? Are there heat to electricity converters (say Stirling engine driven alternator) to utilize the excess heat? Do you have representative closer to Toronto?

Dated on : 10-03-2012


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Hi Plamen, Yes it is possible to put a  air to water heat exchanger in a air duct return for force air furnace. We have a kit  2nd heat loop kit available with our different solar packages meet that requirement. Next question how many people in the home? and what is the square footage of your home One collector covers at least 80% of the domestic hot water usage for up to 4 people. One collector  covers 400 square feet of heating requirements  however this depended on your home heat lost. Our solar system  meet all the CSA safety requirements for equipment that used for storage hot water tanks. If a heat dump required we look for alternate methods of using the energy produce if that  falls short then we would install a heat dissipater . No we do not have a dealer in the Toronto area.  Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions #20 305 McKay Avenue Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 Canada 1-800-317-9054 ext. 226 e-mail [email protected] www.nlsolarheating.com www.solartubs.com   

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 10-04-2012


Thanks, The house is 1200 sq ft with just 2 grown ups. There is a roof and wall facing south (and patio structure). I understand you offer no installation. I am somewhat handy (predominantly in electrical matters). I also have a lot of tools. Have all your customers been successful in DIY installation? Whispergen from Australia uses Sterling engine to co-generate electricity. Can you generate at least enough for controls and pumps in case of grid black out? Are you using PV panels for that end? Heat pumps could be heat powered. Can air heat pumps make heating more effective or it is easier to just increase number of panels? Ability to survive gas and electricity down conditions is a major factor to convince oneself the expense is justified. On Savings alone the justification is marginal. Can you please explain system behavior in summer Holliday time, when one is away for say a month. Can you also explain the system ability to recover unattended after electrical power downs. Thanks Plamen

Post By : Plamen Petkov Dated On : 10-04-2012

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