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Jul 2014

Message: If I buy a hot water heating system for hot water and house heating, how does the system handle the extra heat in the summer?  Would I need to cover some of the vacuum tubes?  How do I dump solar heat in summer?

Dated on : 06-25-2013

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Marden,  If you purchased a solar kit from NLSS we would provide you with a solar simulation report based on the information you would provide to us on your domestic hot water and home heating requirements, This report would tell us exactly how your the system would perform 12 months of the year.  If there is a excess heat  issue there are 3 option available find a way how to use the energy being produced, install a heat  dissipater or cover of up one or more of the collectors with a solar cover.  Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 06-26-2013


thanks. ?That answers my question.

Post By : Marden Pace Dated On : 06-26-2013


I might also add that a properly designed solar heating system should be able to go into stagnation as part of its operations.  So if you are away for the weekend and there is no demand for hot water, the system will shut itself off by going into stagnation in which it reaches temperatures of about 400 F.  This is the off button on a proper solar system.  Putting covers on a collector ever time you are not home is only practical for long periods of absences.  Finally our solar heating system has holiday mode that can be set on the controller.  In this mode the system will cool itself in the evenings and remove extra heat in the summer.  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-26-2013


So what does stagnation mode do?  Does it let the tubes get hot by stopping the flow of fluid?

Post By : Marden Pace Dated On : 06-26-2013


Yes it shuts down the system at about 240 F and forces the liquid in collectors to steam.  This way there is no damage to the system.

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-26-2013

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   09:57 PM , 21 Jan 2014
Hi there these covers are an excellent idea. We bough Apricus solar collectors 20 tubes. Do you have covers that would fit them?
   10:04 PM , 21 Jan 2014
Sorry these covers are only for SunRain TZ58 1800 30 collectors. Dan Jung
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