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Sep 2014

Message: I bought a gravity fed solar water heater here in Mexico and want to hook it up to my existing pressurized water system? I have a temp. reduction valve as well, should I hook it up directly to the shower piping or go through the electric hot water heater?

Dated on : 07-16-2013

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It should be hooked up to your existing hot water tank.    Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-16-2013


If I hook it up to the water heater, will the heater have to stay on full time? At present I only switch on the water heater only before using hot water for shower. Just don't understand how the hot water will circulate so it's always hot from solar system. Thanks, Les

Post By : Les Heil Dated On : 07-17-2013

Les our systems come with a differential controller and a pump which controls this.  If you can load the hot water tank with solar then you will not have to tun on the hot water element to take a shower.  In the evening the solar pump is shut off.     Here is the system you will need which comes with everything to hook into your existing hot water heater. Retrofit Solar Water Heater   On this page you will see the diagram of how it works.   Dan

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 07-17-2013

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