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Jul 2014

Message: I would like to receive quotes and information on solar heaitng equipment including solar hot water and heating baseboard radaint heat for my welll insulated home of 1800 sq. ft located in Provo, Utah Area.  I plan to install the equipment. I assume you have detailed installation instructions.  It appears your technology in superior to Australian Sun Energy.  Look forward to receiving the info.  Dean W

Dated on : 05-29-2013

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Dean we can certainly help you with your project.  All our solar heaintg system are pre-designed and engineered for quck reliable assembly.  We have great instruction and full support throught your project.  I would suggest you begin by requesting a simulation on this page  solar heating calculator  Select "Home Heating" and complete the form.   From here you will be sent a detailed report outlining the energy savings and the recommend sizing and cost of the system.  This will also include infromation on the solar heating equiment that is required.   Let me know if you have any other questions.   Dan Jung

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 06-03-2013


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