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Feb 2017

Message: My geothermal system is in and is being used with hydronic in-floor heating for a 2600 sqft home still in the construction phase.  What do you need to design a solar heating system that will provide the majority of the domestic hot water and store excess heat back into the ground via the geo system?  Please give me a call for further details if needed.

Dated on : 03-07-2016


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John we can certainly help you.   With Geothermal you have the ultimate set up for heat dump/storage that being the ground. In fact we have done many projects where over time the original geothermal loop looses its temperature a few degrees and is not able to provide the heating power needed for a full winter.  We simply use a heat exchanger on the geo loop and during the summer the heat from the solar is transferred and dumped to the ground to recharge it.  In the winter the heat is used to increase the water temperature going into the pump.   Very simple system but very effective.  We have more on this subject on our main site including a short animated diagram  Dan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 03-08-2016

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