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Jan 2015

Message: I'm evaluating evacuated tube solar pool heaters and had some questions. 1)    Would installations with multiple 30 tube units benefit from using multiple stainless steel heat exchangers? 2)    How resistant to hail damage are the tubes?  3)    Do you have any installations that have weathered hail storms or other severe weather?  Where are they and may we contact them? 4)    In Tallahassee FL we would have to mount the collectors vertically on a due-south facing wall.  The collectors would receive sunlight from about 10AM to 4PM in the winter.  Would that be sufficiently efficient?  5)   Do you have mounting hardware that would facilitate wall mounting vertically? Thanks John

Dated on : 09-24-2013


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John, our SPH solar pool heaters are pre-sized with the appropriate heat exchanger so running multiple heat exchanges is not really needed.  The double wall vacuum tubes are rated by SRCC to 1" hail.  Should they get damage you only need to replace the glass tubes which cost ab out $15 each and mounting on a wall would definitely improve the chances on them not breaking  during a storm. Mounting vertically would improve the performance for the winter and decrease it for the summer so this is the correct mounting decision for your application. The units come standard with a parallel mounting kit for a roof or a wall so this is included with the kit. The performance is based on how many collectors you have, the size of pool and weather a winter cover is used.   I hope this helps.   Dan Jung  

Post By : Dan Jung Dated On : 09-24-2013

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