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Jun 2014

Message: I am researching solar hot water systems for installation on my house in SC. I'd like to know more about the construction of the SunRain collector panel. Is there a covering on the tubes in the panel? We have a lot of trees on our property and am concerned about leaves getting on the surface. Thank you

Dated on : 05-11-2013

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Hi Robert, I would suggest you review this website for all techinical information on our SunRain TZ58/1800 30R collectors. Our collectors are not effected by the leaves getting on the surface the heat transfer occurs at the top of collector head not thru the tube. SunRain's International patented interference film coating 3 Hi” vacuum tubes use 3 systems to ensure the most effective heat absorption. This included a AL-N/AI layer but also a separate aluminum and copper layer. The added layer conduct heat better and also stabilize the coating allowing for a much longer lifespan of 20 year or greater. Thank-you Alan Anderson Northern Lights Solar Solutions

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 05-12-2013

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