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Oct 2014

Message: We are looking into installing a solar pool heating system for our pool 12 X 26 X 5 ft deep max can you send us some information and do you do installs ? House is in Florida with a tile roof. Please advise Thank you

Dated on : 09-23-2013

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Hi Greg, I would recommend our SPH -3 complete solar pool heater kit to meet your pool heating requirements Website pricing is $5485.00 US funds. We will offer you a 10% ( $548.50) sales discount and prepay your shipping costs to major freight depot  in your area of Florida (Valved at $600.00). Your landed cost in Florida is $4936.50 US funds. We do not install in that area however our solar pool kits are designed with do-it yourself plug & save  installation in mind it does required a qualified installers. Our roof mounts can be used for tile roofs  some customers have install a base on the tile then attached our solar collectors frames. Thank-you Alan.

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 09-23-2013



How many roof brackets or hooks should I need for this solar pool heating system, (I have a clay tile roof) and should the hooks I use to tie into the rook be straight up or  have a c or u shape  when it come out of the tile? can you send me a copy of the install instructions to see if I can handle the install my self Thanks greg

Post By : Greg Dated On : 09-25-2013



Greg, I sent a copy of the mounting of our Solar pool collectors on a roof. to your e-mail address to large for this file. Thanks Alan

Post By : Alan Anderson Dated On : 09-25-2013

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